Native Harvest

Native Harvest opened with a large community feast for about 100 people on May 18th. Community members saw demonstrations by local artisans, sampled Native Harvest products, and enjoyed a community meal of wild rice, hominy soup, and homemade baked goods. Native Harvest produces and sells a selection of traditional foods, including wild rice, hominy, maple syrup, and jellies. Most of these foods are grown and harvested locally, and then are processed on site at the new building. Native Harvest acquired the building with the help of the Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation, and remodeled the kitchen into a state of the art commercial kitchen. “Our new kitchen equipment has made it easier to roast our hominy, can our jellies and jams, and package all of the foods we sell. This facility will allow us to take our production to the next level, and hopefully create more jobs for the community,” said Florence Goodman, Native Harvest Food Production Coordinator.

The new building also provides a beautiful space for community meetings, workshops and other activities. Already this spring, the area was put to good use holding community gardening and permaculture workshops, as well as art projects for youth. The White Earth Land Recovery Project, also moved their Gammill quilting machine into the new facility, and will be training community members to use the machine. In addition, other WELRP educational workshops on everything from basket making to language retreats will be held in the new facility. We hope the Native Harvest facility will be a valuable asset to our community, and encourage you to stop by and visit us.

Native Harvest Production has a new Home!!

During the summer of 2006, the White Earth Land Recovery Project purchased the former Callaway Elementary School and has moved Native Harvest production facilities to this larger facility. This new facility houses not only Native Harvest production, but the administrative offices for both the White Earth Land Recovery Project and Native Harvest. Once again, we are back into a larger and more efficient facility.

The former Native Harvest production facility is now called the Minwanijige Cafe.

Please check back for pictures of our new facilities.

The Minwanjige Cafe is located at 33287 County Rd. 34, Ogema, MN 56569. It is at the intersection of 34 and 143, across from Strawberry Lake Store. You can call us at (218)-983-3834