Internship & Volunteer Opportunities

Interns and Volunteers

The White Earth Land Recovery Project continues to develop long-lasting relationships with new colleges and universities, such as the Fergus Falls Community College and Colorado State University, as well as maintain our past relationships with the Universities of St. Thomas, Hamline, Antioch, McAllister and Carlton.

Internships/Volunteer Opportunities

Internships and voltunteering is a great way to experience the culture and way of life at White Earth. If you are outgoing, hardworking, openminded and are interested in feeling the earth between your fingers, sharing your energy to assist with important Indigenous work or gaining research and technical writing experience, apply at WELRP for an unpaid internship or volunteer opportunity. Housing is provided. Program work is available in the following areas:

Sustainable Communities:

Projects in this area would include, gardening in the "Three Sisters" gardens, planting and tending the greenhouse, a wide array of gardening tasks in our organic raspberry and strawberry patches, planting and harvesting traditional varieties of White Flint corn and much more.

Mino-Miijim (Good Food) Program:

Aurora in cornfield


Projects in this area would include, assisting in the bagging and delivery of traditional foods to the elderly and diabetic individuals across the reservation, assisting with various projects in relation to the program, to include some gardening work.


Projects in this area would include, planning and implementation of a wide array of educational programs for youth across the reservation, to include our Mishtadim Horse Academy, youth retreats, colored pencil workshops, and a Native American Film Festival.



Projects in this area would include research in wind projects/progress as well as various writing pieces in relation to the program.

Environmental Justice:

A wide array of environmental justice work, including research, writing and hands on projects.

Administrative Assistance:

There are ongoing office tasks and projects at WELRP where extra assistance is always needed, including research for upcoming projects, data entry, coordinating mailings, etc.

Molly Campbell intern assist with sunflowers

Many of our volunteer groups come and work during their academic breaks and for special class trips. Volunteer groups live, work and learn at WELRP obtaining the opportunity to work directly on many environmental and political issues faced by our community.




WELRP volunteers have worked with our education programs, agriculture programs and have aided us immensely in research.







We Salute Our Past Interns/Volunteers

Julia Corwin Julia hails from the New York City area and is a graduate from NYU. She was in Minnesota for the summer as a WELRP Intern and enjoyed her time in the area, as well as visited people in the community and their gardens.

Julia is holding some fresh produce from the WELRP gardens which is distributed to participants of our Mino-Miijim Program as well as at the White Earth Produce Stand.

Virginia Wolking hails from Minneapolis, MN and was attending school at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. An Intern for a summer, Virginia enjoyed running the tiller in the garden and riding Winona's horses, Navajo Memories, who resides at the WELRP farm. Virginia is displaying a large bunch of carrots that would make any rabbit a happy muncher. These were distributed to participants on the Mino-Miijim Program and distributed to community members at the White Earth Produce Stand.

Jennifer Tlumak (not pictured) interned as WELRP's Wild Rice Outreach Coordinator and is a Tennessee native who has worked in the areas of Alternative Energy and Sustainable Agriculture in several locations across the United States. While interning here, Jennifer enjoyed biking and eating good food.


Carly Thomsen (not pictured) hails from a small town in South Dakota, before moving to St. Cloud, Minnestoa in 2001. Carly graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Rhetorical and Applied Writing and Women's Studies. Carly has met wonderful friends, studied in England and Thialand and engaged in a variety of campus and community activism. As an organizer for Central Minnesota Citizen's for Choice, much of her past activities has surrounded women's reproductive rights and now her interest is in exploring the intersections of environmental and reproductive rights. Carly has two passions that have been the guiding force behind her decisions: travel and social justice.

During her time at the White Earth Land Recovery Project, Carly worked on a number of projects, from Alternative Energy/Wind, to the Wild Rice campaign, Carly was instrumental in accomplishing a great deal of projects, thus increasing our work as well as our recognition throughout the region.

To learn more about our unpaid internship or volunteer opportunities at the White Earth Land Recovery Project, please email us or apply today.

Thank you for your interest in an internship with the White Earth Land Recovery Project. At present we are unable to offer any additional internships.  Your request will be kept on file until we are able to do so.  Please feel free to check back frequently for openings or updates.