Sugaring Vocabulary: Ojibwe Language

Sugaring Vocabulary: Ojibwe Language

Have you ever wondered what some of our Ojibwe words mean?
Check our Sugaring Vocabulary (Ojibwe Language)!

  • anishinaabe-ziinzibaakwad  maple sugar
  • atoobaan a large container for liquid: a trough, a tank, a vat, a sink, a radiator
  • biskitenaagan  a sap bucket of folded birch bark
  • gaashkakokwe'igan  a paddle for stirring boiling maple sap
  • iskigamizigan  a sugar bush, a sugar camp
  • makak a semi-rigid or rigid container: a basket (especially one of birch bark), a box
  • naseyaawangwaan a sugaring trough
  • naseyaawangwe  s/he granulates sugar
  • negwaakwaan  a tap, a spile, a spigot (for getting sap from a tree)
  • Okaadakik a large kettle or cauldon with small legs: a treaty kettle
  • ombigamide  it boils up
  • ziigigamide it boils over
  • ziinzibaakwad  sugar, maple sugar
  • ziinzibaakwadaaboo  maple sap
  • zhiishiigwaans  a sugar cake, a sugar cone,
  • zhiiwaagamizan cook it to a syrup
  • zhiiwaagamizige  s/he makes syrup

From the Ojibwe People’s Dictionary

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