This is Our Most Sacred Food!

Manoomin, Wild Rice -

This is Our Most Sacred Food!

Seeds of Our Ancestors, Seeds of Life

As Winona LaDuke shares in this video:

"Food comes from our relatives!
Food has culture, it has history, it has stories,
it has relationships that tie to our food!

Food that grows upon the water is Manoomin (Wild Rice)
Our wild rice is our most Sacred Food!
It is first given to a child when he can eat solid,
its the last food before you pass to the spirit world.
It's very important to us! "

Click here to watch this video.

Native Harvest is owned and operated by the non-profit, White Earth Land Recovery Project. White Earth Land Recovery Project was started in 1992 by White Earth tribal member and activist Winona LaDuke.


We invite you to watch this video and to try our genuine Wild Rice (Manoomin)
- Seeds of Our Ancestors, Seeds of Life!


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  • Dan Moore

    The maple syrup is the best I have tasted, better than we make here in Indiana. The chokecherry jam is delicious and reminds me of my mom’s jam when I was a kid. Thank you for carrying on and making these fine foods available.

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